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Glowing skin for Christmas

Prepare your skin for the winter celebrations and show your skin at its best by combining this exclusive selection of facials to renew and rejuvenate the skin, recommended by our specialists.

As the seasons change our skin goes through changes as well: summer sun left our skin a bit dry, dehydrated and some sun damage as well, autumn comes with gentle sun but more temperature differences and more moisture in the air. As Winter approaches we have to prepare our skin and to restore a good barrier function and help it renew and rejuvenate with Glow Beauty face treatments!

Glow Beauty skin treatments for skin renewal

Renew: the skin renewal process or the skin turn-over rate is slowed down as we age and its afected by the sun, lifestyle, nutrition, wáter intake and so on. Therefore we can talk about a intrisec aging process and also about extrinsic factors.
When your skin is not renewing at a proper rate it ‘s starting to look dull, skin tone darkens, the texture is not smooth and you can see more cloged, enlarged pores and probably hyperpigmented spots. Helping your skin to renew it will improve all of this aspects and you’ll get that healthy glow skin!
Best ways to renew your skin and boost the skin tun-over rate with face treatments:

Hydralift FX

Hydralift FX a cleansing and hydrating treatment that gently exfoliates your skin with solutions of mandelic acid, salicilic acid and hialuronic acid, completed by a resurfacing microdermabrasion. This treatment its suitable for any skin type and its the best way to reveal fresh looking GLOWING skin this Christimas!

Dermalogica profesional chemical peeling treatments

The Dermalogica profesional chemical peeling treatments that is customized on your skin concerns:

  • Power clear Peel for breakout-prone skin that helps prevent acnee, reduces post-inflamatory hyperpigmentation and diminisses excess oil production in the skin.
  • Ultra Bright Peel for the first signs of aging and dull skin, Will give you a bright, even and well hydrated skin.
  • Advanced Renewal Peel that is ideal for sundamaged hyperpigmented skin, fine lines and wrinkles, excellent anti-aging renewal treatment.

These chemical peeling are ideal as Christmas facial treatments.

Glow Beauty rejuvenating treatments

Rejuvenate: you need to give your skin a boost to function better, to stimulate skin metabolism and to counteract the aging signs as lost of tonus, flabiness, wrinkles, improve facial contour. So that means you have to work on a deeper level (dermis, hypodermis and muscle). Also you need to provide the right nutrients and most needed vitamins and boosters so it can produce more of the component in the dermis like colagen fibers, hyaluronic acid (and other glucosaminoglycans of the dermis matrix).
Best face treatments to rejuvenate your skin in Christmas:

Sublime Etwo

Excelent non invasive procedure that combines two technologies – bipolar Radiofrequecy and Infrared light that will go 4 mm deep into the skin. By controled heating of the dermis you’ll get the instant effect of contracting all the fibers so you will notice a firming and toning of the skin, and also will boost the process of regenerating all these fibers. Improved facial contour, lifted eyelids and smoother neck plus iluminated skin are imediatly benefits of this treatment, a really good alternative for Christmas facial treatments!

Micro-puncture Biologique Recherche

This is a fractional mesotherapy with microneedles that will have a complex efect on your skin : by creating microholes the super-serums ( selected acordinglly to your skin needs) will penetrate deeper and more into the skin levels than a topical aplication, and the action of micropuncturing will boost your skin to rejuvenate and renew in a recovery mode, and that means faster and better! Main benefits : diminish fine lines and wrinkles, revitalises and iluminates, improves circulation, basically gives you a younger functioning and glowing skin!

LPG Endermolift facial

Mechanical noninvasive stimulation of the skin that is like an intensive workout for all skin layers. Its a scientificaly proven treatment based on a specific mechanical stimulation with multiple benefits : First it boosts the blood flow into the skin and stimulates limphatic drainage so imediately increases the oxygen and nutrients supplied to the skin cells, reduces fluid retention (especialy in the eye area), destress and detoxifies the skin. Also will mobilise and eliminate gradually the excess fat cells from the hypodermis ( like the double chin area).The process then stimulates the metabolism of the skin cells, fibroblasts reactivate and naturally start producing more components in the dermis : more collagen, more elastine, more hyaluronic acid!
Defined facial contour, improved elasticity and skin tonus are some of the main benefits of this Christmas facial treatment!

HIFU Ultherapy

One of a kind treatment thats using the power of high intensive focused ultrasounds delivered in the skin like a net of dots on the targeted area at controled depth. All those small dots of internal micro-lesions will create an effect of retraction of the facial tissue that disperses facial wrinkles and evens deeper expresion lines, tightens and firms the skin and trigger a total rejuvenation of the skin as deep as dermis, hypodermis and SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system).
Beneficial for all signs of aging and ideal for deep wrinkles and expresion lines, facial flabiness, excess fat like double chin and dropped jaw line. A mini lifting at once!

So for a Glowing skin for Christmas you need to have at least one Renewing treatment and one Rejuvenating treatment!
Our skin specialists will guide you to select the right procedures for your specific skin type and concerns.

For a Glow-ing skin come Glow Beauty Puerto Banus!

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