Renew and regenerate this Winter with Pro Power Peels by Dermalogica

Peelings are one of the most effective techniques to regenerate the skin, recover youth and gain luminosity. Winter is the best time to do them since the radiation is less intense and it is colder, with which we will obtain better results in terms of the duration of the effects and the uniformity of the skin.

This is the perfect time of the year to ¨resurface¨ your skin and minimise all the imperfections!
Thats why we propose you our costumised peelings combines with skin rejuvenating procedures that Will give you results without (or mínimum) downtime!

Dermalogica´s Pro Power Peel system includes diferent types of peeling for different skin concerns so let us tell you more about it:

Ultra Bright Peel – its suitable for every skin type!

Key ingredients of Ultra Bright Peel dermalogica are Lactic Acid which is one of the Natural Moisturiser factors of the sik, Phytic Acis that boost celular regeneration and enligtening ingredients like grapes juice and citrus peel extracts.

Key benefits of Ultra Bright Peel dermalogica are brighter and more luminous skin, diminished fine lines and wrinkles and a more hydrated skin!

Power Clear Peel – ideal for combination/oily/ acnee prone skin!

Key ingredients of Power Clear Peel dermalogica are: Salicilic Acid ( a Betahydroxi Acid) that dizolves sebum and unclogs the pores, a combination of Mandelic and Malic Acids wich gently removes the dead skin and accelerate skin renewal rate and last but not least the terpineol-thymol antibacterial complex.

Key benefits of Power Clear Peel dermalogica are prevents and heal break-outs, reduce postinflamatory hyperpigmentation and stops excess sebum production.

Advanced Renewal Peel – the ultimate antiaging peel, also switable for every skin tipe with sighns of aging!

Key ingredients of Advanced Renewal Peel dermalogica are Glycolic Acid ( an AlphaHydroxy Acid) with the smalest molecule and highest penetration level that will gradualy exfoliate and accelerate the skin turn-over, Phytic Acid that also helps celular renewal and increase the antioxidants benefits. Also the Opuntia-Ficus Indica flower extract will stimulate the natural enzimes that will give you a glowing skin!

Key benefits of Advanced Renewal Peel dermalogica: minimize the fine lines and wrinkles, tones and evens the skin tone and reduce hyperpigmented spots caused by the sundamage.

Our skin specialists at Glow Beauty will customise the peelings by combining or alternating different types acording with your skin concerns so you will get your GLOW-ing skin!

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