Couples experiences: Hammam and massage for two

The Hammam rituals for two at Glow Beauty Puerto Banus are a unique experience. Couples can enjoy a special moment of relaxation and shared self-care in a distinctive and exclusive environment in Marbella.

With the experience Double Hammam experience at Glow Beauty Puerto Banus we propose to couples to enter a unique space of serenity, where the rhythm changes and it is easy to forget the rush and problems. An environment to completely relax and escape from the routine of everyday life, but also to share unforgettable moments with that special person that will strengthen the relationship by creating experiences and special moments such as a Hammam and massage for two.

Often, with the frenetic pace to which we are accustomed, we do not have enough time or energy to enjoy our partner. We forget to give our relationship the attention it deserves and to enjoy experiences as a couple. Not only that, but all too often, we are not even able to dedicate the necessary time to ourselves.

That is why at Glow Beauty Puerto Banus we suggest slowing down and paying more attention to the present, to ourselves, to our environment and to the people we live with. And for couples, it is essential to dedicate time to each other, to abandon the daily routine and to enjoy quality moments together that bring peace and serenity.

If you live in Marbella or you are passing through the Costa del Sol, we suggest you to organize a romantic getaway to this Hammam Spa Puerto Banus . Take the opportunity to relax as a couple and discover a unique city. You will be able to enjoy the sea, gastronomy, shopping, leisure and Mediterranean culture. And, of course, discover our temple dedicated to total disconnection, Glow Beauty Puerto Banus, a wellness space inspired by beauty, cozy, elegant and comfortable, where you will relax with the most romantic couple experiences, such as a Hammam for two accompanied by a massage for two.

For new couples, booking a Hammam for two with us can be a great way to get to know each other better, which can be combined with an escape through Marbella and a meal in a romantic restaurant. For established couples, our Traditional Arabian Hammam for two is an original gift that reaffirms the relationship and invites intimacy.

Benefits of enjoying a Hammam as a couple

In our beauty center in Puerto Banus, the Hammam for two is one of the most demanded services. This is confirmed by our clients who, during the ritual, chat, communicate, joke or simply relax while enjoying some very special moments as a couple. In addition, in Glow Beauty Puerto Banús we have a unique space for the couples Hammam ritual.

The benefits of rituals and massages for two are countless, but here are five advantages of living the shared experience of relaxing in an exclusive environment:

Desire for intimacy

Having the opportunity to experience a spa and massage session for two often provides a moment of intimacy and familiarity that is often neglected due to work and routine. It has been proven that the Hammam, Turkish sauna, steam bath and massages help the body to secrete serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine, the hormones of well-being, which provide desire for affection and intimacy as a couple.

Relaxation and complicity

People who come for the first time to a Hammam ritual at Glow Beauty Puerto Banus often feel nervous or uncomfortable at first. By having a person close to them, the feeling of helplessness of those who rarely go to beauty and esthetic centers disappears and gives way to a deeper relaxation, if possible.

3. Connection

The possibility of resetting emotions together is another of the advantages of experiencing a Hammam ritual as a couple. We all experience highs and lows in our relationships. The accumulated stress rarely helps, and sometimes the parties can become estranged or resentful. With a Hammam for two, the emotions that have tensed our muscles disappear at the same time as the contractures, allowing the two partners to “connect” at the same time, increasing the ability to listen more and to better accept the points of view and the peculiarities of the other.

4. Identical positive effects as individual Hammam

The benefits of a Hammam as a couple do not prevent the ritual from having the same positive effects as an individual session. The Hammam purifies, reconditions contracted muscles, promotes good health and induces a state of relaxation that helps you sleep better.

5. Immediate and lasting benefits

Best of all, the benefits of the Hammam as a couple are noticeable from the first minute, but are very long lasting. The relaxation, the lightness of movement, the feeling of good health and the personal satisfaction of self-care are noticeable for several weeks.

Romantic experiences at Glow Beauty Puerto Banús

Our Hammam is the perfect place to stop time, to forget about everything except yourself, and to be able to beat that modern day evil called stress. Because physical fatigue can be cured with rest, but mental fatigue and stress need something more than just the physical. This something is in the very essence of our Hammam. Our spaces and delicate menu of massages and facial and body treatments are adapted to the physical, mental and emotional rest requirements.

At Glow Beauty Puerto Banus we offer you four romantic experiences specially created to enjoy a Hammam as a couple, which will also provide relaxation and well-being for body and mind:

1. Traditional Glow Hammam

75 minutes in our room for two goes a long way in the Traditional Hammam ritual at Glow Beauty Puerto Banus. Each of you will be placed on your own marble pallet, while two of our professionals purify your body with Beldi black soap, then a Turkish bath to eliminate toxins for about 20 minutes and then back to the pallet a deep exfoliation with the traditional kessa glove and the application of Rassoul clay. Moments of a ritual that concludes with a Moorish tea ceremony to discuss the experience in a relaxed way.

2. Hammam with Glow Wrap

This 105-minute ritual complements the Traditional Arabian Hammam for two with a body wrap in the couples Hammam room.

3. Hammam Luxury Glow

The Luxury option of the Hammam for two lasts 120 minutes and consists of complementing the Traditional Arabian Hammam with a massage for two or a personalized facial treatment for each of you in the cabin.

4. Hammam Royal Glow

This is the most complete option of the four Hammam alternatives available at Glow Beauty Puerto Banus. It lasts 165 minutes and consists of complementing the Traditional Arabian Hammam with a massage for two and a personalized facial treatment for each member of the couple.

Discover the magic of sharing moments of relaxation and connection with your loved one, while experiencing the revitalizing benefits of these exceptional services. Don’t wait any longer to transform your routine and rekindle the spark in your relationship! Book your appointment at Glow Beauty Puerto Banus and start enjoying all the benefits of these treatments designed to renew body and soul, creating unforgettable memories with your loved one. We look forward to offering you a wellness experience that will last far beyond the present moment!

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