Facial treatments

Look your best and forget about blemishes, wrinkles and acne.

GLOW facials

After a facial diagnosis, our professional personnel will assess you and propose the most suitable solution to meet your requirements using a combination of beauty equipment, manual techniques and high-quality cosmetics in the best way possible to achieve the desired result. We offer facial programmes designed specifically to treat the elimination or reduction of wrinkles, to achieve a suitable moisturising level, to eliminate blemishes, to correct flaccidity and to combat acne.

Body Treatments

Reshape your body and attain the figure you have always dreamed about.

GLOW body treatments

We care for your body with our treatments that provide physical and mental benefits, without the necessity for surgery. After an in-depth study, our professional personnel combine different techniques, beauty equipment and a number of sessions in order to customise the body treatments according to each person. We offer corporal programmes designed to tighten or reduce, to eliminate cellulite and localised body fat, to purify and tone.


A unique style for your hair.

GLOW Hairdressing Salon

The Glow Beauty Puerto Banús hairdressing salon comprises specialists in hair care. We offer you personalised methods which meet the requirements of each individual: colour, treatments, cutting and styling. Our team provides new expertise and has extensive experience and will give you advice about finding the best style for you. Our aim is to achieve natural results and healthy, well-groomed hair.


Forget about unnecessary hair.

GLOW Depilation

Glow Beauty Puerto Banús offers hair-removal services with laser, Lycon wax and with wax so you can choose whatever is the best for you. We have packs for sessions and for areas. Our professional personnel can advise you on the product that is the most suitable for your requirements.

Manicure and Pedicure

Your hands can betray you – look after them!

Manicure and Pedicure GLOW

Your hands can betray you – look after them! Glow Beauty Puerto Banús specialises in beauty for the hands and the feet. We take care of them, so manicures and pedicures become special experiences which, apart from comprehensive nail care, include relaxation, massage and advice. We offer different types of manicure and pedicure: artificial nails, with permanent varnish, with gel, etc. We give you advice on caring for your fingernails and toenails and regarding specific products.

Treatments for men

Health and beauty is also something for men.

GLOW treatments for men

Glow Beauty Puerto Banús offers beauty services exclusively for men. We offer changes in style, classic and modern haircuts for children and adults, razor cuts and beard trimming, as well as beauty services such as: manicure and pedicure, hair removal, and body and facial treatments for men.

Brides and Weddings

Go for the experience – get married with GLOW.

GLOW weddings

Glow Beauty Puerto Banús specialises in enhancing the beauty of each and every bride and her guests on her wedding day. We have therefore selected treatments to make you shine on your special day. These have been planned specifically for brides as well as friends who are looking for a gift to give the bride, or guests who also want to shine on the day. Trust in our extensive experience to prepare your skin, your body and your hair and relax with our treatments days before your wedding.

For the young

Start to care for yourself as from now!
At Glow Beauty Puerto Banús we have a Beauty Corner for teenagers where we carry out manicures, pedicures and hairdressing in a relaxed and convivial environment. We offer facial and body treatments for the young which are focussed on solving the initial problems of adolescent skin: acne, dehydration, stretch marks, cellulitis, etc. With suitable care and beauty treatments, young skin remains in a perfect condition and keeps healthy with the passing of the years.

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