Men and Female skin treatments

We all have a skin… but is male skin really different?

The answer is YES! Men are genetically designed to be stronger, more resistant to the environmental aggressions, so their skin is also adapted to these requirements.

Although male and female have the same skin structure, there are a number of differences that make the male skin look, feel and function differently. That also means skin care and facial treatments for men must be adapted to those particularities.

The most obvious difference is the facial and body hair that grows denser and thicker due to genetics, specifically the androgen/testosterone hormone that triggers more processes: male have also bigger sebaceous glands and therefore more sebum production, also bigger sweat glands so they sweat more. In the long run this is actually an advantage, because the higher sebum production and higher level of lactic acid from the sweat glands male skin is better hydrated and also has lower TEWL (Trans epidermal water loss). Also the men´s skin maintains a lower pH level and it’s more resistant to different microbes from the environment. The downside is that on the puberty or even in young adults years the hormonal changes lead to higher risk to develop severe forms of acne, like pustules and papules and even cystic acne that’s more difficult to treat and can lead to long term hyperpigmented lesions and scars.

Male skin is also thicker than female’s skin by approximately 25% because it has more collagen in the dermis, also this collagen is more dense, organized in stronger, thicker fibers that makes men’s skin more resilient, stronger and better barrier function. That’s also an advantage in the aging process: men age gradually as women, but the decrease of collagen is slower and less visible and collagen density remains higher on men. But for the same reason male skin is rougher, develops deeper wrinkles and skin irregularities than women´s skin.

Mena and Female Skin differences

Another significant difference between male and female skin is in the hypodermis, at the connective tissue level: in women the collagen bonds vertically; in men the collagen fibers run diagonally in a crisscross pattern and that’s why men don’t get cellulitis (but women do, unfortunately) and have thicker, more well anchored skin!

Also male skin has more blood vessels and, due to higher vascularisation, it’s more likely to develop broken capillaries (couperose) or rosacea when exposed to irritant factors constantly (like big temperature differences, wind, high effort, etc).

Overall men have all the advantage of a stonger, thicker and denser skin regarding intrinsic aging, but in general they are more exposed to the external factors that increase the aging process – they do more outdoor activities, work or leisure related, exposed to UV rays (without wearing SPF protection), to environmental pollution factors, extreme cold, heat or winds, or unhealthy lifestyle dubled with stress that can actually speed up the aging process.

Skin care and treatments for men are a must because male skin needs regular deeper cleansing to remove the build up of residues, sebum and dead skin from the pores and epidermis, combined with sebum regulator active ingredients and procedures that calm down the potential skin inflammation and redness.

Male skin can also have different types depending on the phototype, sensitivity, age and oily/dry areas. Our best advice and treatment selection is done after a thorough skin analysis and consultation, but here are the treatments that covers most of the male skin conditions and needs.

Facial treatments in Glow Beauty Puerto Banus

HydraLift Fx is a perfect treatment to “shower” the skin with different solutions of mandelic, salicylic and hyaluronic acids that can be done even on a short beard. The hydradermabrasion will exfoliate gently but will really clear up the pores and hair follicles, microdermabrasion will eliminate most of the blackheads and the male skin will remain clean, clear and well hydrated.

Dermalogica Power Peel is a chemical exfoliation that will remove excess build up from the skin, regulate sebaceous glands and even the skin tone, minimizing the imperfections. It´s a good recommendation for men´s skin.

Ultrasound cleansing and LED Phototherapy can also be incorporated in the treatment procedures to reduce redness, inflammations or broken capillaries!

For the aging signs, we recommend Indiba capacitive-resistive radiofrequency for facial rejuvenation and for the deep wrinkles HIFU Ultherapy.

When it comes to skin care, we also have to take in consideration some particularities of man grooming: shaving or beard?, environmental exposure, sports played, lifestyle in general, so we can recommend the best and easy to follow routine that can be fit in men´s daily habits.

In conclusion, male skin is different but it has the same needs: regular personalized facials for men and a correct skin care routine will ensure you look your best!

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