Total Moisturising Facial Beauty Programme

The perfect combination of treatments to keep the skin healthy and at an optimum level of hydration whatever its type or condition. With this facial programme we can improve the elasticity of the skin, protecting it from external factors and dehydration.

hidratacion facial

Treatments: Hydralift, Photocare and IonActive
Duration: 4 weeks
Frequency: 2 sessions per week (8 sessions)
Price: includes 20% voucher on the value of the total amount.


4 treatments in one:

  • Hydro-peeling with mandelic and salicylic acid for elimination of impurities
  • Vacuum Therapy for deep moisturising with hyaluronic acid
  • Mesoporation for tissue revitalisation and oxygenation
  • Photobiostimulation with calming antibacterial action.


Anti-ageing treatment which uses the only technique in the world to increase very considerably the levels of:
Hyaluronic Acid: + 80% – Collagen: +70% – Firmness: +23%


LED Phototherapy deals rapidly and effectively with the ageing of the skin, blemishes and acne. It is also used to reduce inflammation, acne scars and open pores, improving cellular metabolism.


It works in conjunction with the biology of the dermis to achieve optimum levels of benefit. Each treatment is completely individualised according to the skin analysis (face mapping), which helps to determine the principal concentrated active ingredients to be applied at any moment.

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