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Glow Beauty is a Nails Salon Puerto Banus that offers a wide range of Aesthetic treatments and is known for comprehensive hand care which goes way beyond a traditional manicure or pedicure as massage, exfoliation, wrap and specific technology are included to moderate the signs of ageing. We are a reference center in Puerto Banus Nails standing out for manicure and pedicure Marbella. We work with leading brands in the sector for enamelling such as CND and EMI Manicure, with which we achieve brilliant and long-lasting results in Nails Puerto Banus. Surprise yourself with our Nail Art Marbella designs!

Shellac, Plexigel and Base Gel nails in Puerto Banus: EMI y CND

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Hand and foot care treatments

The skin on the hands is one of the first things that show the signs of ageing. At Glow Beauty Puerto Banus we have created anti-ageing solutions to complement manicure and pedicure sessions. You will be surprised with the immediate and long-lasting results in Nails Puerto Banus.

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