Facial solutions
for the young

Glow Beauty Puerto Banús offers specific solutions for the first problems the skin has in adolescence: acne, blemishes, blackheads, lack of moisture, etc. Following an initial diagnosis, our professional personnel assess you and create a programme adapted to the requirements and problems of each young person.


Thorough, individualised cleansing according to the type of skin in order to correct pores and eliminate dead cells and blackheads. In this way the skin remains hydrated, free from impurities and has a more uniform tone.

With deep facial hygiene the cells breathe considerably better thanks to careful removal of imperfections. This means the active ingredients of cosmetics are able to penetrate better, leaving the skin prepared to receive other treatments.


  · Boosts penetration of active ingredients of the cosmetics
  · Brings luminosity
  · Tones facial muscles


This treatment combats the dry skin sensation and eliminates any remaining impurities resulting in a smooth, hydrated and luminous skin.

With some young people the sebaceous glands, responsible for lubricating and protecting the skin, do not function correctly and they have to be stimulated with specific treatments. The same happens with collagen, a protein that provides elasticity, which is also activated thanks to a combination of manual techniques and specific aparatology.


  · Revitalises and illuminates the face
  · Deep hydration, eliminating redness and dryness


Acne is a condition of the skin that affects more than 80% of young people. There are factors which, in one way or another, can bring about this alteration in the skin, such as hormonal changes, endocrine alterations, extreme weather conditions and the use of certain medicines.

Acne is provoked by numerous causes and it therefore needs specific treatment adapted to each individual case which combines various techniques such as ultrasound, high frequency, phototherapy, etc.


  · Fights the causes of acne from the outset to avoid it occurring
  · Cleanses the skin resulting in a more healthy appearance
  · Avoids new outbreaks

With a combination of pulsed light and radiofrequency, acne scars can be made less visible without damaging the external layer of the skin. At the same time, dermabrasion (diamond point head) completely eliminates superficial scars and the deeper ones are made less visible, leaving the face finer and more even.

This treatment is accompanied by correct exfoliation and specialised cosmetics which help to achieve smooth skin.


  · Eliminates acne marks in deep as well as superficial layers of the skin
  · Achieves healthy-looking skin

Body solutions for the young

With adolescence, the body also experiences changes that may affect the metabolism and for this we have created specific body programmes for young people to combat: cellulitis, stretch marks, flabbiness and localised fat.


Cellulitis is a metabolic imbalance which causes the skin to look puffy in an irregular way (known as ‘orange peel effect’). This is generally seen in the side part of muscles or in the buttocks. It usually appears in the majority of females during periods of hormonal change such as puberty.

With a specific and personalised treatment based on efficient beauty technology, the latest techniques and active ingredients, the tissue can be revitalised and the appearance of the skin improved.


  · Activates the lymphatic system
  · Improves circulation
  · Firms the legs, gets rid of orange peel effect


Stretch marks appear when the skin is stretched a lot over very little time, such as in adolescence, a stage when there are rapid bursts of growth or considerable weight changes.

To eliminate stretch marks, radiofrequency is included among our body treatments. With the application of waves, this contracts the skin, increasing the temperature in such a way that it generates collagen. Also, with pressotherapy which activates blood and lymphatic circulation of the areas which present stretch marks or flabbiness.


  · Achieves tighter and firmer skin
  · Improves circulation


Thanks to the very latest aparatology and to very effective active ingredients, treatments can be individualised according to the physiognomy of each person, resulting in a more balanced silhouette and defined muscle tone. We combine electric currents, radiofrequency, ultrasound and manual techniques to eliminate accumulated fat and localised flabbiness.


  · Takes off centimetres from the areas treated, such as abdomen 
  · Achieves a smoother and firmer skin
  · Redefines the silhouette
  · Improving the shape.

Adolescence is a stage in life when major changes are experienced in physical development and the body reacts with resistance, tension and rigidity that affect the muscles.

With this type of massage a young person can be helped to deal with all these changes, avoiding and getting rid of tension and contractions.


  · Muscle development
  · Calms the nervous system
  · Tissue flexibility
  · Improves circulation


At Glow Beauty Puerto Banús there is an area with its very own character that is designed for adolescents. This is where we carry out beauty services for the young in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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