Body Firming Programme

Shock treatment combining sessions of beauty equipment with mesotherapy and Hammam to combat body flaccidity, loss of firmness and low muscle tone. The result is smoother skin and a firmer muscle tone as it stimulates the natural tensing effect of the skin working from deep down up to the most superficial layers.


Treatments: Hammam, HIFU, corporal BTL and LPG
Duration: 4 weeks (28 days)
Frequency: 3 sessions per week. Follow-up with HIFU in 21 days (12 + 1 HIFU).
Price: includes 20% voucher on the value of the total amount.


Deep exfoliation and comprehensive purifying of the skin leaving it completely receptive and prepared for subsequent treatments that may be programmed.


The most advanced technology for targeted high intensity ultrasound to combat ageing of the skin, facial flaccidity and localised fat. It tenses the skin and tightens muscle tissue in the treated area.


Virtual mesotherapy by combining advanced laser technologies, Aguaphoresis and active substances, using electric energy pulses to alleviate congested tissue. This treatment is for the elimination of cellulitis, to dissolve fat and for lymphatic activation.


An effective technique for the elimination of fat and fatty tissue that is difficult to access. With its mechanised heads and programmes it reshapes, tightens and smoothes.

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