Anti-Ageing Facial Beauty Programme

Programme for revitalising the skin to control the signs of ageing from the outset, reducing wrinkles and concealing expression lines. This rejuvenating treatment helps to stimulate the production of collagen and increases skin elasticity.


Treatments: Hydralift, Face Remodelling, Electroporation, LPG, Photocare and Sublime E-Two.
Duration: 4 weeks
Frequency: 2/3 sessions per week (10 sessions)
Price: includes 20% voucher on the value of the total amount.


4 treatments in one:

  • Hydro-peeling with mandelic and salicylic acid for elimination of impurities
  • Vacuum Therapy for deep moisturising with hyaluronic acid
  • Mesoporation for tissue revitalisation and oxygenation
  • Photobiostimulation with calming antibacterial action.


Facial bio-sculpturing by means of combining three electromagnetic and electric currents which oxygenate and tone the tissue producing a lifting effect.


This consists of applying a magnetic current to create micro-pores in the cells through which the nutrients of high-quality cosmetics are introduced. One mg of the products is introduced every six micro-seconds.


Anti-ageing treatment which uses the only technique in the world to increase very considerably the levels of:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: + 80%
  • Collagen: +70%
  • Firmness: +23%


LED Phototherapy deals rapidly and effectively with the ageing of the skin, blemishes and acne. It is also used to reduce inflammation, acne scars and open pores, improving cellular metabolism.


The infra-red light energy combines with bipolar radiofrequency resulting in a controlled heating of the deep dermis. This stimulates the cells to produce new collagen. The reduction in wrinkles is almost immediate.

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