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Facial aging: Age is just a number…

Our skin specialists will guide you to choose the right procedures for you considering all the factors involved, your skin type, the signs of aging present, and they will recommend you a complete sessions program to follow for the best results.

One day you look in the mirror and notice “new” things on your skin: some fine lines at the corner of your eyes, a few brownish spots on the forehead and cheeks, a dull color, and when you touch and feel it….it’s a bit rough and doesn’t feel as smooth and elastic as before!  And you wonder: What happened? Do I need to start thinking about anti-aging facial treatments?

Well, you just start noticing some of the first signs of aging… Aging it’s a natural process that starts when you are still young and you think you’ll stay young and live forever but…. actually inside your skin the process is on already.

What is the aging process exactly?

In the first layer of the skin, the epidermis, the renewal process of the cells starts to slow down, and we tend to get more layers of dead skin and less layers of productive and “alive” keratinocytes, as a direct consequence the texture of the skin is less fine and smooth, we can notice more the skin imperfections ( like the pores, pigmentation, fine lines or scaring) and the complexion of our skin changes, it’s just not as glowing and light as before, it’s a dull look with tones of grey and yellow.

In the second and most important layer, the dermis, we have a complex structure based on a “fundamental substance” thats like a thick gel formed by substances as Hyaluronic acid and other similar glycosaminoglycans, that is “anchored” with collagen and elastin fibers. All these components are produced by a very important cell: the fibroblasts, and in time the activity of these fibroblasts is slowed down as well, they produce less collagen, less hyaluronic acids and so on…. Actually  there is a statistic that shows that every 5 years we lose about 10% from the dermis, as the process starts more or less in our mid twenties, by the time we are 50 we lose about 50% of the components and consistency of the dermis.

So what happens is that the skin loses the base, the “anchoress”, so it will “sink” where we move it all the time, so we’ll get wrinkles, the deep ones!

And we will notice skin flaccidity combined with the effects of gravity….our skin will just not look the same…all will be lower, and one day you will look in the mirror and wonder: Who is that old lady looking back at you?

And there’s more bad news: this is just the “intrinsic” aging process! There are factors that increase the aging: the “extrinsic” aging process that is triggered mainly by the destructive action of the UV rays (solar or tanning beds), lifestyle bad habits like smoking, drinking, fast food or bad nutrition in general, not drinking enough water, living in a “toxic” environment, air pollution, and the list can go on…

Now here comes the good news! The extrinsic factors of the aging process that increase and speed up the aging process is controllable: minimize the UV damage by using good SPF all the time, have a good nutrition that supply the necessary vitamins to the skin, quit all the bad habits (you can have a “cheat day” once in a while), hydrate properly, in a few words: take care of you!

The intrinsic aging it’s a natural process that we cannot stop but we can slow it down and boost the skin to repair and renew!

Due to the progress in the beauty industry, we now have the solution and the procedures that “treat” the skin aging process with high-end technology that was studied and improved over the last years.

In Glow Beauty Puerto Banus we invested in all the best equipment and procedures with proven results that will give you the best young version of you possible! All with non-invasive treatments that target all the causes of aging and not just mask it!

Anti-aging facial treatments in Glow Beauty Puerto Banús

Let’s go through some of the procedures and the impact that have on the skin:

Indiba Edna Pro Max, to rejuvenate and tone the skin

Indiba Edna Pro Max facial works with a specific monopolar capacitive/resistive radiofrequency of 448 kHz that triggers sub thermal and thermic effects on the skin, stimulating the metabolism of the fibroblasts, increases the vascularisation and biostimulant the skin to function better, as younger skin does. This is the latest and newest type of Indiba equipment that has a patented technology: Cellboost that intensifies the treatment results  and Turbo max mode that instantly gives maximum power to reach the hipertermia level therefore you get maximum benefits from each session. 

This treatment is suitable for all stages of the aging process, it rejuvenates and tone the skin, and it can be applied all over the body or face.

Biologique Recherche treatments, to accelerate renewal of the epidermis

Biologique Recherche treatments are based on scientifically researched products and technology: 

Remodeling Face is a treatment that is using a combination of electroporation, electrophoresis and electrostimulation of the facial muscles that will gradually lift your skin and will ensure the penetration of active ingredients where are most needed!

Micropuncture by Biologique Recherche is using very fine microneedles that will create little holes on your skin that not only will allow the serums to penetrate but will target an accelerated renewal of the epidermis.

LPG Endermologie, to stimulate the metabolism of the skin

The LPG Endermologie facial, also known as “Facial Fitness” it’s a LPG treatment based on a specific mechanical stimulation with multiple benefits: first it boosts the blood flow into the skin and stimulates lymphatic drainage, oxygenates, distressed and detoxifies the skin. The process then stimulates the metabolism of the skin, fibroblasts reactivate and naturally start producing more components in the dermis: more collagen, more elastin, more hyaluronic acid! 

HIFU Ultherapy, a mini lifting at once

HIFU Ultherapy is one of a kind treatment that’s using the power of high intensity focused ultrasounds delivered in the skin like a net of dots on the targeted area at controlled depth. All those small dots of internal micro-lesions will  create an effect of retraction of the facial tissue that disperses facial wrinkles and evens deeper expression lines, tightens and firms  the skin and trigger a total rejuvenation of the skin as deep as dermis, hypodermis and SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system). 

Beneficial for all signs of aging and ideal for deep wrinkles and expression lines, facial flabbiness, excess fat like double chin and dropped jaw line. A mini lifting at once! Glow Beauty Puerto Banús is the best place to try Ultherapy Marbella.

IPL Glow Beauty

As the aging process involves many types of imperfection as hyperpigmented spots, broken capillaries, sun damage skin that becomes fragile and sensitive, also hormonal changes during life can impact the skin in different ways, and for all these we have specific facial treatments based on Intense Pulsed Light – like Sirius IPL also known as IPL Candela; or E-two fractional radiofrequency Sublative and Sublime from Candela.

The skin ages slowly in time so we also have to give it time to renew! One facial treatment has a certain effect on your skin but the best results come with consistency, a series of facial treatments have a cumulative effect and the changes will be spectacular and  will last you longer! 

Besides all the professional treatments you have to follow the home care recommended by our estheticians because it’s really important to use the right products for your skin condition, the right active ingredients formulated in professional grade products.

Take control of the aging process and come to see us for state-of-the-art treatments and products that will change the way you look and feel and first of all will change the way your skin functions and you will get a younger, rejuvenated and renewed skin!

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