Biologique Recherche

A methodology based on combining a clinical focus on beauty treatments, some pure and natural ingredients, together with innovative and rigorous procedures. The composition and quality of its principal actions represent the greatest value of this trade mark:

  • High concentrations of vegetable, bio-marine and biological extracts
  • Absence of perfumes to preserve the reliability of the formulae
  • Conservation of the original structures of the active ingredients
  • Formula created to obtain immediate and long-lasting results.


An American cosmetic company founded in 1986 in Los Angeles which breaks the current beauty and glamour stereotype regarding skin care. It centres its efforts on creating curative products which are free from irritants and which preserve the health of the skin, without being tested on animals. The products are distributed exclusively through professional outlets.
Dermalogica has patented a unique tool for facial diagnosis: Face Mapping. With this system the face is divided into 14 areas so that the specific necessities of each can be objectively analysed. The result is a prescription of what treatments are to be used in the beauty salon and the most suitable products.w

La Sultane de Saba

Cosmetics, originally French, which base their creation on old beauty recipes that were handed down from generation to generation. Coming initially from a genuine oriental Hammam, they have become a reference in the sector thanks to their beauty oils, exclusive perfumes and exotic travels in Spas of the highest standing.
One of their main secrets is quality. Pure, 100% vegetable BIO oils are always used in their formulation – with no parabens or phthalates and they are not tested on animals. Their exclusive combination of essences means that their products are unisex and unforgettable, with the intensity of aromatherapy, inviting you to go on a journey and to relax.


This company was created in 1964 when the well-known pharmacist, André Bouclet, having developed a passion for the marine world and for its therapeutic qualities, created the first Marine Cosmetology Laboratory. In 1978 the trademark changed direction with the creation of a range of marine cosmetic products. Thalgo then became not only a pioneer brand in the world of Thalassotherapy, but also a principal player in the beauty sector.
The effectiveness of the marine cosmetic elements comes from their exceptional bio-affinity with our internal environment, making them easier to be absorbed than their terrestrial equivalents.

Salin de Biosel

A natural cosmetic based on ancient botanical recipes which combines the essential active ingredients of products extracted from plants and flowers with advanced technology. The result is an innovative line of cosmetics which protect the cutaneous ecosystem, effectively nourishing the skin’s beauty and promoting harmony of spirit, redefining the rules of beauty.
The variety, origin and concentration of the active ingredients derived from the roots, the bark (Yin), the leaves and flowers (Yang), determine the invigorating character of the product (Yin, Yang or neutral).


Since its creation in 1984, the brand has become established as a reference point in medical cosmetics thanks to the company’s constant efforts regarding investigation, development and innovation, as well as to the effectiveness and safety of its treatments that are endorsed by numerous scientific studies.
Mesoestetic offers premium products that are subject to very strict quality and production controls, complying scrupulously with all pharmaceutical laboratory safety procedures. The effectiveness of its products is scientifically proven thanks to numerous technical studies.


This is the first cosmetic range that includes Phytosonic™, a patented vegetable ingredient capable of reducing and remodelling the figure by means of a ‘squeeze-adipocyte’ action very similar to that of ultrasound. PhytosonicTM is a compound of Glaucium Flavum Extract, Euglena Gracilis and vegetable caffeine.
With the Slim&Shape method the storage of adipocytes is reduced by 55% and the thickness of fat deposits is reduced up to 20% in only six sessions.


An exclusive cosmeceutical line under the Jean Klébert mark which, thanks to powerful antioxidants and solar filters, neutralises the damage caused by free radicals which are responsible for the reactions that alter the skin. This is a range of products developed with active ingredients that guarantee percutaneous absorption and optimum results which have been scientifically proven. The products are recommended to prevent damage caused by free radicals that provoke cellular oxidation and the first signs of ageing.


The laboratories of LPG Systems, skin experts for more than 30 years, promote an individualised cosmetic range which includes high-level technology, maximum focus on active ingredients, with no parabens or phenoxyethanol.

The LPG cosmetic line embraces solutions for the face and body and nutricosmetic products, a unique range of nutritional supplements which concentrate the best of each ingredient in a ready-made dosage.

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